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After years of painting I have acquired many beautiful pieces. A new section has been added to my site to sell some of those one of a kind original works.

These stunning painted pieces have been featured in my books, magazines or pattern packets. Some are well traveled, having been shipped around the country to display in my booth or for seminars and others are as fresh and crisp as the day they were painted.

Check back often, more paintings will be added in the future.

Cheers, Connie

  • Some oversized pieces may require additional postage, if that's the case I will email you for additional funds or to cancel your order.

Christmas Tea Shoppe Signboard
This 10"x14" wood signboard includes a 21" long gracefully curved wrought iron hanger. Delicate gimmering gold hand lettering with undershadowing showcases Santa serviing tea from a rose and gold trimmed teapot. The other side of the sign is a flat color.

Jet Black 1957 Chevy Bel Air
The perfect classic '57 painted in acrylics on hardboard. This 18"x18" painting is complete with beautiful details in the shiny refections, check out the close up photos by clicking on the image. Custom framed.

La Jolla Coastline
The quintessential Southern California coastline painted in oils on hardboard in an oxidized custom made gold frame measuring 8"x10" overall.
Glove Box
A lovely victorian pair of pink gloves surrounded by pink roses is painted in acrylics Trompe L'Oeil on a wood basket lid. The basket and lid measure 6.75"x16"x3.25" deep. A perfect place to stash your gloves, hair accessories or other pretties.
Cognac & Crystal
A glowing glass of cognac served in a crystal cut glass is painted in oils on a 5"x7" panel in a 6.25"x8.25" brilliant gold custom frame.
Wine Cellar Signboard
I love this vignette of an experienced grape stomper painted on a signboard in acrylics. Glistening gold handlettering is shadowed to showcase. 10"x16" slat wood tavern board.
Victorian Welcome Signboard
A gentleman's handshake and hearty Welcome invites all to enter. Acrylic handpainted 10"x17" antiqued and aged wood signboard. Nicely varnished comes complete with hanger.
Slice of Honeydew Melon
A glistening slice of honeydew painted in oils on hardboard is 5"x5" with a custom ordered deep walnut frame measuring 7.5"x7.5".
Love Letters
This 12" wood plate is the perfect place for a doily and a hand penned postcard to be presented in Trompe L'Oeil style. Acrylics on wood, 12" diameter. The trim and back are deep plum.
Iced Tea with Mint
A southern delight served icy cold in a crystal cut stemmed glass. This delicious oil painting is 5"x7" and is wearing a gold tone custom frame with an outside dimension of 6.75"x8.75".
Amish Gardener
This traditional Amish Gardener is painted in acrylics on a decorative wood plate measuring 11"x11". It's all about the sunflowers!
Single Pear
This small work oil painting measures 4.5"x5" and is in a ornate antique gold custom frame with outside dimention of 6.5"x7.5"
Ladies of the Club
The garden ladies takes a break for tea and bridge under a blooming jacaranda tree. Painted on a 11"x14" canvas and ready for framing.

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Paint what you love and love what you paint.
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